2018 Mt. Greylock Star Party!!!



We are pleased to announce a FREE PUBLIC Star Party on the summit of Mt. Greylock this summer!  Brought to you by MassParks and the Amherst Area Amateur Astronomy Association.  Be sure to save the date!  Saturday evening July 28th at 9 PM.



Join us on the summit of Massachusetts’ highest peak for a wonderful evening of night sky observing!   The summit of Mt. Greylock with its low horizons and location above area light pollution provides un-surpassed observing conditions.  Our members are eager to share their knowledge about the night sky and will teach you about the constellations and how to star hop to popular objects.  You will be able to observe the ringed majesty Saturn, galaxies, open star clusters, “diamonds on black velvet “ globular star clusters, whispy nebula, double stars, colored stars, Neptune, Uranus, and much more through our telescopes.  For those of you interested in telescopes we will have many types and sizes ranging from portable refractors the size of your arm to large Dobsonian reflectors that stand 9 feet tall!  If you are thinking about buying a telescope or don’t know how to use the one you have, these programs allow you to “try before you buy”.


The program is FREE, appropriate for all ages and cancelled only if there is heavy cloud cover or rain.  Participants should wear appropriate clothing for cool evening temperatures after sunset. Flashlights for walking are recommended after dark. Meet on the summit near the War Memorial Tower.  Please contact the Mt. Greylock Visitors Center at (413)-499-4262 or Kevin Collins from the Amherst Astronomy Association at (413)-320-2509 if you have questions regarding the program or status of the program based on the weather.



Saturday July 28th at 9 PM



East side (opposite Bascom Lodge) of the War Memorial Tower, Mt. Greylock Summit, Adams, MA.


Summit Location on Google Maps


Travel Time on the Summit Road from North Adams or Lanesboro to Summit is about 1/2 hour


 Please visit these sites to learn about our organizations and other programs and facilities we offer.  Thank you and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.  Clear skies and see you on the summit!


Mt. Greylock State Reservation - MassParks

Amherst Astronomers Association

Arunah Hill Natural Science Center

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